Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meanwhile in Columbia, MD...

Tuesday's election and this image:

reminded me that I wanted to write a post about the Virgin Mobile Free Fest that my friend Danielle and I went to last month.  The only reason I wanted to go was to see Ben Folds Five, but there were a two other acts that Danielle wanted to see, and luckily, they were on right before and right after Ben Folds.  It ended up being a lovely, sunny autumn day and I enjoyed all of the performances.

Now, what does that have to do with the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado?  Well, anyone who has been to the venue that hosted Virgin Mobile Free Fest knows that you would be hard pressed to attend a concert there without catching at least a whiff of the sweet herb.  I can tell you that I've never been to one, and Virgin Mobile Free Fest was no exception.  Luckily, especially now, it's never been more than a passing sniff, which makes me chuckle, but I've never experienced any effects from it.

But here's the funny thing.  Late in the afternoon, as Danielle and I started packing our things to leave, a young woman, probably in her early twenties, turned around and said something to me.  I thought she said, "Are you guys leaving?"  I was a little befuddled, because she was sitting literally four feet in front of us, and I couldn't imagine why our spot would be more appealing.  I decided what I heard didn't make sense, so I asked her to repeat herself.  Turned out she was asking, "Do you have any weed?"

I just looked at her, bewildered, shook my head, and said, "No," laughing.  Because:
  1. If you've ever met me, you know that I don't exactly give off a pot-smoker vibe (or do I?), especially now that I am a working professional in my mid-thirties, and not to mention that:
  2. I was, at the time, very (I think) obviously seven months pregnant. 
I will say, though, that I was flattered that she thought I was so hip that I might just be stashing some Mary Jane in my Vera Bradley bag.  Either that, or she was really desperate.

Anyway, here is what about seven months pregnant looked like, if you're interested:

Not at the concert.


  1. I am over hear laughing out loud. I think it's hilarious. I never thought you gave off the vibe but I am going to google it and get back to you. I love the picture and I can't wait to meet baby ulmes!

  2. According to my brother (who is SUCH a reliable source) pot doesn't hurt an unborn baby. Take that for what its worth. . . . maybe she was of that mentality.


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