Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dude, Kevin's Gonna Be a Dad!

...but you knew that.  I meant to post this a few weeks ago.  A few days after learning I was pregnant, I wrote about how the...discovery unfolded.  I wanted to remember it, but didn't want to wait for 12 weeks when I could finally write it here.  So, I tried to make it entertaining, but feel free to skip if this is not the type of thing that interests you.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tracie's College-Friends Reunion Weekend

Last weekend, five of my close college friends came to visit.  I think the last time we were all together was at one of our weddings back in 2003, so it was very cool to see everyone.  I have a great picture from the wedding, but, believe it or not, I still did not have a digital camera in 2003, so I'd have to go hunt it down and scan it, and that just seems like a lot of trouble right now.  Here's a picture of us from the weekend, though:

Liz, Me, Jen, Angie and Amy

Our friend Becky couldn't make it, because she's about to give birth any day now.  We gave her a pass.   Although, I'm sure she would've very much enjoyed floating in the pool with the rest of us.

Jen especially loves the pool.

That's essentially what we did all day, other than eat and chat.  Saturday night, we went out for dinner and karaoke, a definite pastime for us.  Funnily enough, Liz and I didn't even go to karaoke until after we had graduated, when we drove up every Tuesday to join Angie and Jen.  Amy never got into that with us, but she was still game and sang, too.  In fact, all the girls sang, but the guys (Kevin and Jen's husband, Joel) sat out.

Awesome collage, right?  Thanks, Picasa!

We old-time karaoke-ers finished up with Like a Prayer, an old group standby.  So much fun!

For a weekend we started planning maybe back in February, it was hard to believe how quickly it came and went.  Despite some of us not having seen each other for what, almost 10 years (Not me.  I go to all the weddings.), things were very much the same, although we have all, of course, changed.  In some ways.  :-)  I was also struck by how very different this group of friends is from the group of friends I have now, in their personalities and the types of things we talk about - but I treasure both very much. Even though we are all flung across the country with growing life responsibilities, I hope it won't be another nine years before we can all get together again.  And I hope everyone can come next time!

Nice photo of everyone.


Jazz hands!