Monday, November 19, 2012

Dropping the Baby

Over the past two weeks, two people have suggested that it looked like Baby was dropping.  Really?  I couldn't tell anything.  I figured I was probably just getting bigger.  So, I can't say for certain, but I think Baby might have really dropped last night.  Or be in the process of dropping.  I don't know how it works; I'm waiting for a midwife to call me back.  Tell me what you think.  This is from a few weeks ago:

...This is probably about 2 weeks ago:

...And this is from last night (I'm just 35 weeks):

At first, I thought my belly might just be a little saggy because I'm not wearing my super-sexy Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt (which has been miraculous in saving my back, but does not look nearly as neat and tidy as this one):

Not me.
But then I've been having some cramping all day that suggests something might be different.  Now, I'm going to tell everyone not to worry; that, from what I read, Baby can drop anywhere between 2-8 weeks prior to labor (I'm hoping to be right in the middle of that), and the first is usually farther out.  However, I am freaking out because I AM NOT READY FOR THIS BABY TO BE HERE. I just ordered a cradle mattress today!  I still have 2.5 weeks left of work to do!  We have to paint clouds on the ceiling of the nursery, wash baby clothes, and pick out cloth diapers!  Just typing those last three sentences gave me heartburn.  That, or the big bowl of chili I had for lunch. 

I've had several firm discussions with Baby about how he/she needs to stay in my belly for at least three more weeks.  We'll see how well Baby listens.  :-)


  1. Have you been going through the Tums? Katie and I were both in need of it during and after the pregnancy.

  2. Ugh, yes. Not Kevin, though. I've wondered how many it's safe to take back-to-back. Like, if I had 2 five minutes ago, can I take 2 again now? I actually need some Tums right now.

  3. I drank whole milk as well, to cut back on my Tums consumption. Cool, soothing, milky goodness coating my burning throat worked well for the lesser twinges and is good for the baby too.

  4. Tums...gack! They MAKE me throw up, even when I'm not pregnant. Go figure. Glad they're working for you, and at least you're getting your calcium! If it helps any, James spent several weeks slowly dropping (every time I saw someone for about 2 weeks, they'd say something like, "Oh, look, the baby's dropped!") when I wasn't much further along than you are, and I still ended up being induced at 42 weeks. And, no, I hadn't wanted to or planned on being induced; my midwife pretty much forced me into it. Won't be using that midwife ever again! (So, be careful what you let them do to you when you get close to your due date! Who would have ever expected a midwife to pretty much say, "Go get induced--right now!") And once you've been induced, everything else you didn't want follows right along in its wake...

  5. Back to back Tums are A-OK according to my last midwife. They are just calcium. Nothing wrong with piling up on them.

    The photos look like the baby is starting to drop. But that doesn't mean a ton. Things could stay the same for 3+ weeks, or they might not. I have a feeling that if things progress without intervention, the baby will wait until you take one deep sigh of relief that all the important stuff is done...and then. Ow. Whoa. Uh...Kevin...


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