Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dropping the Baby, Reprise

Ok, so this is the photo I posted last week, questioning whether the baby had dropped:

However, I suspected that it might have appeared that way because it was the first photo I've taken in awhile without my maternity belt, which holds up my belly and takes pressure off my back.  So, the next day, we took another picture with the belt on, to see if my belly still looked low.

It's definitely up more than in the previous picture, but is it still lower than before?

It's hard to tell in this shirt. I haven't noticed the other signs of the baby dropping, such as "lightening." I'm still hungry a lot, and I still get out of breath quickly.  But anyway, does it matter?  Baby will come when he or she comes, right?  Here is this past week's photo:


  1. if the baby dropped, you should feel more pressure on your pelvis and bladder, almost like you're waddling.

  2. I never was able to identify "dropping" with either of my kids. You look adorable!


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