Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Do You Like Being Pregnant?"

This is another post I've been wanting to write for awhile, and figured I'd better get to it, since my days of actually being pregnant are numbered!

"Do you like being pregnant?" or "What do you think about being pregnant?" is not a question I've been asked a lot, but it's one that makes me think a little bit.  When reminiscing about pregnancy, some women will get a far-off, starry-look, smile wistfully, rub their bellies and coo, "I loved being pregnant."  Others will flatly state that they were sick and uncomfortable their whole pregnancy, and hated it.

My answer is, "It's ok."  This annoys Kevin, who sometimes gets frustrated about my lack of enthusiasm about things.  I guess, though, it's more accurate to say that is has its pros and cons.


  • People are nice to you.
  • Maternity clothes are cute.
  • As my belly has gotten bigger, my butt looks smaller.
  • You can wear tight clothes and it's cute, because you're supposed to have a big, round belly.
  • Feeling baby grow and move is pretty cool.
  • Having a little person growing inside of you is kind of fascinating.
  • Having nausea for 3 months (I know some people have more!) straight
  • Heartburn
  • Back pain
  • Can't sleep on my belly
  • Since July, can't sleep on my back, either.
  • Rolling over in bed is an Olympic feat.
  • Muscle soreness in parts of my body that I didn't know had muscles that could get sore
  • Bending down and picking things up can be excruciating.
  • Realizing how much you rely on abdominal muscles for lifting and carrying things, because, where did they go?
  • Not being able to eat/drink particular things
  • Belly gets in the way of everyday activities, like cooking, washing dishes and even showering.
Despite definitely being uncomfortable, I know that I've had a much easier pregnancy than many women, both in terms of medical risk and discomfort.  So, even though I do a lot of complaining in my head and to my husband, I remind myself to be grateful that I haven't run into major issues.  And let me tell you, even though my back and leg pain can be grimace-worthy at times, I would take it a hundred times over that first-trimester nausea.

Now, looking back at the pros/cons list - even though the quantity of the "cons" list beats out the "pros," the vice versa is true when it comes to quality.  Having a baby grow inside of you is just pretty darn cool.  I would do it again.  Maybe even another two times.  At least, the pregnancy part - I'll have to let you know about the labor and delivery part.  I will tell you, though, that the cons are significant enough that there is no chance that we would ever be the Duggers or anything.  One more time, yes, Two more, maybe.  Spending the next 20 or so years of my life pregnant (assuming I was young enough that it would even be possible), ABSOLUTELY NOT.

So, we're within in the two week window!  Think good thoughts for us, and we'll see what happens!