Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cabin Fever

I know it's pointless to complain about the weather.  I wish it wasn't, though.  I wish there was someone I could complain to, like the manager of a restaurant when the service is bad.  I want to scold the weather like a naughty child, and say sternly, "That's enough. "

Today's 60-degree weather was like the child who you're just getting ready to send to timeout, but then does something really sweet and adorable.  So, Miss A and I headed to the Lyn Stacie Getz Creative Playground after we ran some errands today.

She was so happy to be swinging again!

For contrast, here was the last time were at this playground, in September or October.

Since she's started scooting around a bit, I've been looking forward to seeing what new things she might be able to do at the playground.  Now that her balance is better, she really enjoyed going down the slide.  It's hard to spot a baby going down a slide and take a picture at the same time, so here's one from last October.

Anyway, I wanted so much for her to crawl through this pipe to get to me.

She wouldn't do it.  She won't do it at My Gym, either.

She goes in part of the way, then decides to back out, no matter how cheerfully I exclaim, "Come to Mama!"

Today, at the playground, she was too busy looking at the other kids playing...

...or picking up pieces of...bark? mulch? rocks?

Oh, well.  Once Mother Nature starts behaving herself, we'll have plenty of more times to try!