Monday, March 21, 2011

Much-Anticipated House Photos

If you're friends with Kevin on facebook, you might have noticed that, the other day, he made his album of house pictures public, all 260 of them.  I know that you care about us, but not 260 photos-of-our-house-care about us, so I've slimmed it down to around 12 for you.  Kevin would say that I am remiss in not including any of the dozens of photos of the HVAC system, water heater connections, and other utilities.  If there is a clamoring demand for these, perhaps he can do a guest post.

Anyway, on with the photo-tour of the house:

Starting with the outside...

 This is as close to a picture of the front of the house as we have.  In all of those 260 photos.

Going around to the side, you get a nice view of the yard and where we think we're going to put our garden.  And that fenced in area?  Yup!  It's a pool! We definitely didn't go looking for a house with a pool.  But as our realtor told us, the pool is essentially "free."  Since some buyers see it as an asset, and others a liability, the presence of a pool, at least in Maryland, doesn't really effect the price of a house.  We're happy to have it, as we know it will lure our city friends to visit us in the summer since we've moved (even) further away!

Coming around the back of the house.  You can kinda see that it looks like there should be a deck on the back of the house, but we think previous owners opted to have the deck closer to the pool.  Kevin sees a deck-building project in the future (insert joke about entertainment center here).  That guy is Ed, our realtor.  He's awesome!
 The deck.

 View from the deck, overlooking the pool.  Hot tub project also in the future.

This angle makes the pool area look much more lush and exotic than it is.  We actually want to pull some of the plants out to make more space for hanging out next to the pool.

The backyard.  We (I) want to move the play set so that it's not right in the middle of the yard.  It's going to get in the way of my planned volleyball court.  ;-)

Now, to the inside...
 Dining room.  They want to keep the chandelier.  It's actually written in the contract.

 Kitchen.  Yay, counter space!

 Breakfast nook in the kitchen.

 This is my favorite part of the kitchen.  Look at this crazy pantry!  I love how all the shelves pull out!

Random room next to the kitchen.  I think it was intended to be the dining room, and the current dining room a living room.  I think we'll probably keep the dining room as a dining room, because I always thought it was silly to have a family room and a living room.  But we're not sure what to do with this room.  Definitely don't want to keep it as an office.  Maybe a library?  Bar?  Breakfast nook?

 The family room.  That wall color is going.

 The "guest suite."

 Master bedroom.

 Still the master.  We actually think it is way too big, and are thinking of ways to use the space better.

Master bath.  Yes, that's a phone right next to the toilet.  Funnily enough, this is not the only house we've looked at that had a phone next to the toilet.  What is up with that?

 Other upstairs bathroom.  I just wanted you to see the hideous linoleum floor.

  Finished basement, and of course...

Kevin would definitely want to show you the garage!

So, there it is! It's in great shape, but there are definitely a lot of adjustments we'd like to make.  Should be fun; I just hope we get the changes we want done and stay there long enough to enjoy them!


  1. Wow wow wow! So much space - inside, outside - and who can beat a phone in the bathroom? ;-) It looks wonderful and we can't wait to come help you break it in. If Kevin decides to build something, Dakota likes to help with manual labor stuff. :-)

  2. wow, that house looks huge, it is Texas house huge. congrats.

  3. Please do not ever call me from that phone :)

  4. The phone in the bathroom is very hotel-esque. Too funny! And congrats. :)

  5. Love it! With all that land, are you planing on a vegetable garden?

  6. Way cool! lots of room for a Man Cave! RST...

  7. Dude, my internet connection sucks. Now I have to figure out what I just said and somehow make it sound as cool as it did the first time, which wasn't cool at all but it still always seems worse the second time around.

    I was just commenting that it was big. And that we had to get a new chandelier because the last lady wanted to keep hers, too.

  8. YAY that is an awesome house! Congrats!

  9. I just discovered your blog from your Gchat link--I'm slow.

    I know I would create a little reading corner the extra bedroom space, some comfy chairs, maybe a bookcase. Of course, you could be planning that downstairs. It a room of requirement! Craft room? Solarium? Writing room?

    My reaction to the house is that it's a great space for parties, with the large deck/pool area and open spaces downstairs.


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