Saturday, March 26, 2011

I like to drink my Nutella, thank you!

This past week, I experimented with a few dairy alternatives, just for kicks.  I've tried soy in the past, and am just not a fan.  It's okay in something like cereal that has a strong enough flavor that you don't notice the soy, but I just can't really deal with the aftertaste it leaves in my coffee.  I have enjoyed soy in a chai tea latte, though.

I tried So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage this week.  It wasn't bad, but not as delicious and coconut-y as I was hoping .  I guess that's why it's a "beverage" and not "milk."  I admittedly haven't tried it with too much - just in some breakfast quinoa (that worked well) and hot tea (not so well - same weird taste as soy).  I still want to try it in coffee, and I could see it working in some other recipes.  I admittedly haven't been drinking it too much, because I've been focused on my new lover:

Hello, lover.
 Did I mention my husband is out of town?

If you can't read it, that's Pacific Natural Foods Hazelnut Milk, with chocolate.  This stuff is delicious.  It essentially tastes like Nutella chocolate milk, no off-tastes.  At 120 calories and 5 grams of fat for an 8-ounce glass, I think it saves you a little, but not a ton. It's a great dairy alternative, but I'm guessing not that great for nut allergies.  I'm sure you could use it to add a little something to some baking recipes, like these Nutella cupcakes or these Nutella cupcakes (gluten-free!).  I was also avoiding alcohol last week, but it was really hard to resist topping a glass with Frangelico or Bailey's.  That experiment will be in my future.

(I feel compelled to mention that Kevin and I were both quite impressed that I took a picture of myself pouring a beverage without spilling any of it.)


  1. Are you avoiding dairy for health reasons or just to give it a try?

  2. Well, I was having some stomach issues a few weeks ago, so I tried a variation on a "cleanse" I found, and it suggested avoiding dairy to "give your stomach a break." I have no plans to do it long term, unless I end up needing to at some point.

  3. Gotcha. Well, hopefully you find stomach peace - and at least you found a lover. :) I bet Danielle's ice cream machine could make you a nice treat out of your new beverage...

  4. As someone who thinks non-dairy products are a sin against nature, I must grudgingly admit I'm intrigued by the idea of a Nutella chocolate beverage. Where did you get it?


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