Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Multi-Tasking

On June 13th, Abby celebrated her half birthday!

Google Plus does it again!

She's doing a lot of new things these days...rolling over, practicing sitting, standing, and crawling, trying solid foods...but all work and no play makes Abby a dull girl!  And look at how much better she's gotten at playing!

This video was from when she was four months old, in the middle of April:

I love how she plays with the dangly bugs like they're a musical instrument.  She looks like she's taking it so seriously!  But now, she can multi-task!  Not only is she more coordinated in hitting the toys, she can even grab and pull the one that makes music...sometimes multiple times.  She can also chew on another toy AND chat at the same time! 

It's amazing how much she's grown and changed in just two months!  I can hardly keep up with documenting all Abby is doing these days, but I'm going to try!  Be on the lookout for more.

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