Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby Talk

I know some people (her grandparents) would like to see more videos of Abby.  Here's the thing. Although she is a very photogenic baby, as evidenced here:

Don't worry, I'll post more of these soon!

...she does seem to have a little bit of stage fright.  She'll often be wiggling around or cooing, cute and active as can be, but as soon as I take out my iPhone or a camera to take a video, she'll just kind of lay there.  Still adorable, of course, but no one (except maybe grandparents) wants to watch a video of someone else's baby just laying there.

Well, last weekend, Abby either got over her stage fright, or was so enthralled with what she was doing that she didn't notice that her daddy was recording her.  She's moved from the basic coos of last month's video to all sorts of tones and modulations (that sounds so technical!).  The video is precious, though - watch how she reacts when she when she sees me in the mirror with her.

We love watching her figure all this out!  We wonder if she thinks she's saying actual words, actually telling us something, or if she just thinks she's making fun noises.  If she is trying to talk to us, I wonder what she's saying?

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