Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Thing I Learned on Vacation

Is that, at a Food Lion in Virginia:

1.  You can buy a mini-keg of Coors Light.

2.  They price out the booze by quart, just like juice or milk, whether it is in a mini-keg or cans.

 3.  Surprisingly (to me), it was significantly cheaper per quart to buy a case of cans than the mini-keg.

Cans @ $1.97/quart of beer
Mini-keg ("home draft") @ $2.98/quart of beer
Maybe because the cans were on sale?

Since I've always lived in "blue law" states, it still feels a little illicit to be looking at beer in the grocery store!

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  1. You know they sell beer at Giant Eagle now, don't you?


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