Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pool Opening 2012

We used our pool for the first time this summer this past Memorial Day.  It reminded me that I never posted pictures from last summer's Fourth of July/Housewarming Bash!  Let me tell you, the pool-opening went much more smoothly this time around.  We had a custom-fit cover made for the winter months, whereas last year the previous owners had essentially thrown a tarp over the pool and had it weighed at the edges with logs.  The cover made all the difference.  Last year, the pool was filled with all sorts of dead critters, leaves and grime, but this year there was just a little crud and it took us (Kevin) only a weekend to clean instead of, oh, I don't know, a month.

Anyway, here are some photos from last year's inaugural party.



Paul doesn't swim.  Ever.

Ariel floaty seems like it would work as a floating can cozy, except for the part where it doesn't float upright.

The primary reason Kevin got a waterproof camera was so he could take ridiculous pictures like this.

 And then there was an epic water noodle battle...

And, of course, July 4th wouldn't be complete without a fire pit and fireworks.


Tracie and Danielle toast marshmallows.

Who let Darra hold fire???

This year, for our opening day, we just had a few friends over.  The real star of the day was Daphne, our friends' six-month old, who made her water debut.  Check out the video of her first time in the pool (shared with permission from her parents):

After this debut, the paparazzi (Sarah) couldn't stay away...

...but Daphne says, "No pictures, please!"

Love this one!

Our star was content to lounge on a raft for the rest of the afternoon.

Of course, there were other people there, but they don't really matter, right?  But I wanted to make sure you knew that Kevin continues to take goofy (and sometimes creepy) underwater self-portraits.

Someone needs to shave!
PS. Kevin told me I wasn't allowed to blog about anything else until I finished writing about Germany, but I figure when he starts contributing to this blog he can have a say about what is written.


  1. Hard to believe both of those noodle wielding men are now daddies. :)

  2. I guess they both know how to USE their noodles...



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