Saturday, February 19, 2011

Slow by Little: Is that even a phrase?

Well, I said it, so it obviously meets the criteria for being a phrase in the grammatical sense.  Or a fragment, at any rate.  My husband and brother swear, however, that it is an actual adage, something to say when it's taking you awhile to get something done.  For example, "I'm putting a new bathroom in the house, slow by little."

If you're like me, as you read that phrase, you kinda squinted and thought something like, "Isn't that 'little by little?"  Kevin and I have had this argument a dozen times.  He admits to "little by little" being a common phrase, but insists that "slow by little" is one, too.  I did a little research using The Google, and if you search "slow by little," you come up with some partial song lyrics, and now, hopefully, this blog, but that's about it.  Not a real saying.

But to be honest, I'm starting to see how "slow by little" is different from "little by little."  I don't know if I'm ready to articulate it, but I'm starting to see more and more how things can be done "slow by little."  And that i really is how things roll in our lives.  We get things done...slow by little.  I plan to share our "slow by little" endeavors with you, from Sunday dinners to home renovations to DIY projects to travel.  Maybe with a few tangents here and there. :-)

We hope you grow to enjoy our blog...Slow by Little!

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